Book Review: Aspire by Kevin Hall

Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of WordsAspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words by Kevin Hall

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this book. It was recommended reading for a homeschool retreat, so I ordered it only knowing the info you see on the cover.

Surprisingly powerful and engaging, Aspire turned out to be a 5 Star read.

Kevin Hall discusses the power of words. As a book-lover and aspiring writer, you might think I had already grasped that concept, but this book has a different angle than you might expect. Hall talks about the original meanings behind words, helping us to grasp a much fuller understanding of the words and concepts.

I found myself highlighting many parts, but I was particularly interested in the original meanings of the words. The first word Kevin Hall discusses is Ganshai. While this word is not a familiar one to English speakers (It's actually an ancient Hindi word.), the meaning is powerful. "Genshai means that you never treat anyone small--and that includes yourself...If I were to walk by a beggar in the street and casually toss him a coin, I would not be practicing Genshai. But if I knelt down on my knees and looked him in the eye when I placed that coin in his hand, that coin became love. Then and only then, after I had exhibited pure, unconditional brotherly love, would I become a true practitioner of Genshai."

Other words discussed include: Pathfinder (leader), Namaste, Passion, Sapere Vedere, Humility, Inspire, Empathy, Coach, Ollin, and Integrity, among others.

Listen to this: "Originating with the Greeks, 'enthusiasm' means God within or God's gifts within. Enthusiasm, he went on to explain, is the fuel of happiness and bliss. It refers to the divine light that shines within each of us." Do you see how just understanding where the words came from can open our eyes to a deeper understanding and a new commitment to live well?

I was drawn to concepts that I could apply to myself as a mother and teacher of my children. "To inspire to breathe into. The Master of Words explained that when we breathe life into another, we inspire their hopes, goals, and dreams...When you 'encourage', you add to some-one's heart. And when you 'discourage,' you take away from someone's heart."

And I loved this: "Originally crafted for aristocracy, coaches carried important people to their desired destinations in luxury and ease...Over time, other forms of transportation adopted the term "coach"...But however far-reaching and prevalent the word has become since the first coach rolled out of production in Kocs, the meaning has not changed. A "coach" remains something, or someone, who carries a valued person from where they are to where they want to be."

I recommend this book for people who want to increase their understanding of language and aim for self-improvement.

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