Photo Journal: Bubs' 8th Birthday and Baptism

Welly and Bubs get ready to go.
Y, lookin' cool.
Grandpa and Pappy

Our family just before the service.
The handsome 8 year old. (Complete with a bonk on the forhead, courtesy of his little bro.)
My three handsomes.
Bubs and his cousin, Taylor, were baptized the same day.

Cousins! Y, Bubs, Noah, Taylor, Welly, and Jakey

Crazy Uncle Matt.
Pretty Aunt Lisa and Tate.
Tired Grandpas.  :)
Grandma reading to my kiddos.

A hug for Grammy.

Quite a hug.  :)

The big boy and his new bike.

What a wonderful day it was!

Bubs prepared for his baptism by reading the whole Book of Mormon on his own. He set the goal and followed through with very little prompting from his parents. He told me that when he prayed about it to know if it was true, he felt good and warm right away. Simple and so wonderful.

I love this boy! And I'm so glad to have him set the example for his siblings...including baby number 4 (ANOTHER BOY!!!)

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  1. What a special Day. I cannot believe that he is 8. They get big so fast- and how fun to be baptized the same day as his cousin. Also...Yay another baby, another Boy!! We are so happy for you guys.