The Woods by Paul Hoppe

The WoodsBook Review: The Woods by Paul Hoppe

My kids love to be scared. They beg their dad to hide and pop out screaming.

And it just so happens, that for kids who love to be a bit frightened, The Woods by Paul Hoppe is a big hit.

Especially for little 2 year old Y. I guess it makes him feel brave.

In the story, a boy can't find his bunny anywhere. There's only one place left to look. The Woods.

He's not afraid until he meets a big, brown bear...but then he discovers that the bear is just afraid of the dark, so he shares his night-light.

They come to two giants, then a fire-breathing triple-headed dragon, and finally the big, hairy, monster who stole the boy's bunny.

He is very brave.

The words are sparse and simple, and the illustrations are fabulous.

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