Hogwash by Karma Wilson, Illustrated by Jim McMullan

Hogwash! (Wilson, Karma)
Book Review: Hogwash by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jim McMullan

This is such a fun book! I mean, I went into it with a biased opinion, since I'm a die-hard Karma Wilson fan...but truly...this one is so fun!

Farmer decides to clean his animals until they're all spic-n-span. Everything goes swimmingly until Farmer reaches the hogs.

They are very opinionated about staying dirty.

What will Farmer do? He tries showering them with a hose (that just makes more mud), bribing them with pizza ("Just leave it by the sty."), and flying over in a crop-duster. 

You'll have to read the book to see who comes out the winner. You may be surprised. 

Everyone (including Dad and Me) are really enjoying this entertaining, rhyming new release. Love it!!!

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