The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen

The Mailbox: A NovelBook Review: The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen

For years, Lindsey has taken a trip to 'The Mailbox' on the beach, where she writes to the anonymous Kindred Spirit. Each summer, she pours her heart out in her letters.

This year will be the first where she'll have to admit that her marriage is over, and she is at the beach without her husband. Lindsey is reminded of her first love, and the hurt she felt when he betrayed her.

When he shows up in her life again, Lindsey will have to decide if she can open her heart up to love again.

This is a book about forgiveness, faith in God, love, and second chances.

I enjoyed it and recommend it to readers of Christian Romance. The plot is clever and well-woven. I love the idea of the mailbox (which apparently really exists.)

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  1. Yes, Kindred Spirit really exists! Has been there for 30 years, I believe and thousands and thousands of people have poured their hearts out there.

    I will try to find this book. One could write a lot of fascinating fiction around Kindred Spirit!

    Thanks for the introduction to THE MAILBOX.