Whistle While You Work...

It's never too early to teach your kids to help around the house!

Have you noticed that little ones love to help?

I know. Sometimes it would be a lot easier if they didn't.

When Y wants to help by emptying the dishwasher, my knee-jerk reaction is to remove him from the area, but my second thought is much more productive. I show him where each item goes, helping him reach if it's up too high, and then clap or give him 5 when he puts each thing away.

It takes a lot longer....but, really, what is more important than spending time with my baby and teaching him the importance (and joy) of a job well done?


  1. Exactly! And then later, their future spouse will thank you for preparing them to be able to be helpful around the house:)

  2. What a sweet pic! I feel exactly the same way. I cringe when my little ones BEG to help me. And then I remind myself, what better time than now?

  3. It does take longer working with our children and in the past that is why I didn't work with them. Now that they are older (not too old thankfuly) I am on damage control. They are all responding well. I wish I had gotten my act together sooner, but I am glad that it hasn't been too late!

    (We have a goodreads account together).