Crazy Bob's Used Trucks

We took a field trip last week to Daddy's work, because the Y-Y--that boy LOVES trucks. He pretty much said, Oh Wowowowowowowowowow! the entire time (except when Daddy pulled the big horn...oops.)

Daddy's a salesman...a good (and not-annoying) one. BUT, sometimes he likes to refer to himself as Crazy Bob, the Used Car Salesman. 

The other night, we were all talking about Crazy Bob, when Y-Y got in on the action and started saying, "Bob, Bob, Bob". We were all highly amused, so Y calls everything Bob now to make us giggle.

The convo usually goes like this...

Mom: What's you name, Y?
Y: Bob.
Mom: Who are you calling?
Y: Bob.

Everyone: Snicker. Snicker.


  1. My husband is a truck driver and seeing his "big truck" is always fun for the kids.

  2. Well, I think he's annoying.