Book Review: Comfort by Joyce Moyer Hostetter

Review by Me.

I have come to a conclusion. Joyce Moyer Hostetter is an amazing writer. She brings history to life by developing intriguing characters and slapping them into poignant time periods. I admit that this book took me a while to pull off the shelf. I didn't realize it was a sequel to a book I already knew and loved. When I finally picked this book up, I was pleasantly surprised and hooked from chapter one.

I look forward to sharing Hostetter's historical fiction with my children as they grow a little older.

Comfort is the sequel to Blue. I thoroughly enjoyed Blue and its heroine, Ann Fay Honeycutt. In Comfort, WWII has ended. Her father has come from the war, but he is a changed man. Ann Fay is recovering from polio. She had thought that when the war was over and her father was home, everything would fit perfectly back together. But war changed her life for good.

This is a story of courage and healing, of forgiveness and friendship, and of growing up.

Blue and Comfort would be perfect for homeschoolers who are middle-school aged. I also enjoyed Healing Water by Joyce Moyer Hostetter. You can see that review here.

PS...Illnesses and a complete computer reboot (that has stolen all my pictures for the time being) are causing a bit of blog-slacking. See you soon.

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to a new author. I have two daughters that love to read and these sounds like good books.