How to Make a Burp Cloth into a Cupcake

You've probably seen these little burp cloth cupcakes around. I mean, cupcakes are all the rage these days. When I went to make one, though, I couldn't find a tutorial, so I made one up. (I know this is really un-Christmas-ish. Sorry.)

1. Fold your burp cloth in half longways.

2. Place a coordinating piece of ribbon face-down on the top edge, and fold diaper in half again.

3. Roll the pieces together. Once in a roll, use your finger to press from the bottom and form a higher middle section.

4. Secure with another piece of ribbon and a safety pin.

5. Place in cupcake cup or tin to complete the look.

A lady in my ward (congregation) makes the burp cloths for all the new babies born...and believe me, there are quite a few, because we Mormons, we believe in babies. Really. It's in our proclamation.

I make the cloth diapers/burp cloths into little cupcakes and arrange meals for the family when the baby is born. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. It's about the best job in the church.


  1. Cute! I actually hadn't seen these burpcloth cupcakes before. I guess they've come out recently to go along with diaper cakes?

  2. Yep. Exactly. They are the mini version of the diaper cake.