Healing Water by Joyce Moyer Hostetter

Pia follows Kamaka everywhere and regards him like a father. He can't imagine anything that would separate them...but life has a way of throwing the unexpected at us.
When Pia is diagnosed with leprosy, his country exiles him to the leprosy settlement on Moloka'i. He has to leave his family, but what hurts most, is the complete abandonment he feels from Kamaka.
Pia is filled with anger and loneliness as he struggles to survive in the primitive settlement on Moloka'i.
He discovers the importance of friendship, forgiveness, and aloha.
This is the second book I have read by Joyce Moyer Hostetter. Both have been historical fiction and both have been amazing. I am not a huge fan of historical fiction, but Hostetter has a way of bringing it to life. She puts the story first. The lead characters in Healing Water and Blue both captured my heart and kept me turning pages.
You can see an interview with Joyce Moyer Hostetter here.

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