10 Confessions

1. The husband-man calls me "The Human Compass" and, believe me, it's not a compliment. Even the Bubs is always saying I need a GPS.
2. I never used a coupon in my life (except at Roberts Crafts) until last week. Now I'm a coupon FREAK. I mean, who wouldn't get excited about 7 cent cereal? Or free milk and eggs?
3. I am a trichotillomaniac. Yes, truly. I pull my eyelashes out without realizing it. I try to cover it up with mascara and long bangs, but sometimes I have noticeable bald patches. I've been trying to stop for 15 years.
4. A little girl just asked if I'm having another baby. Nope. My belly just doesn't want to leave yet.
5. If my bed is made, it is more likely that Bubs made it than me.
6. I learned to drive in a Suburban. One morning, I hit BOTH the side of the house AND my dad's truck...Now I have my own burb. So far, so good.
7. I recently itched my cheek and discovered baby poop there.
8. My mom says I have stinky feet...and it just so happens that the husband-man can't smell (AT ALL. He never has.) That's just one of the many ways we're perfect for each other.
9. YA fantasy is my favorite genre to read. I love it, but somehow I feel really silly saying that at book club.
10. I'm scared of X-files. When the husband-man used to watch it, I'd go to bed early. BUT I could still hear it and felt afraid. Ya gotta love studio apartments.

Confession 10 1/2: I totally stole this confession idea from my friend's blog. (Hi Jodi!)

So that's me.

How about you? Want to confess your G-rated issues?


  1. Yeah, I went to my ward's book club when they were deciding on books and everyone had all these self-improvement books. I think there was only one other person who brought fiction. Can I help it if I would rather escape in a book than face my real life?

  2. I love YA books but sometimes I feel like "Chester the Molester" looking around the Young adult section without my kids.

  3. I LOVE YA fantasy as well! My favorite! A lot of women in my book club don't like it as well as some genres, but I absolutely love it and don't care if I admit it!;)

  4. Love the baby poop one. Awesome. I love your confessions! It's fun to confess stuff huh?