Unwanted Halloween Candy

I'm the first to admit that Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. BUT...our jello worms did turn out amazing. The idea came from Divine Dinner Party, which I found via Pinterest

Daddy took the kids Trick-or-Treating, while I handed out candy to a fairly small trickle of little neighbors. I opened a huge, Costco-sized bag of chocolate bars just in time for the very last Trick-or-Treater. So, the next day, let's just say, I was less-than-thrilled by the sugar overload around here.

So today, for our morning Mini-Lesson, we did some Candy Experiments. (I'm pleased to announce that we got rid of quite a lot of candy before the kids realized what I was really up to.)

For this first one, you simply put M&Ms or Skittles (the more, the merrier) letter-side up in a bowl of water. Can you see the floating Ms in there? It takes a few minutes for them to separate, but it's very cool.

 Then we mixed candy colors.

Yellow candies+Blue candies=

Red + Blue=

And finally, Yellow+Red=

Tastiness, apparently.

Then, we tested tons of candies to see if they sink or float. That was Y's favorite. He must have put 8 packs of M&Ms in there. (Yes!)

Bubs and Welly had a competition. They each chose 6 candies. Whoever had more floaters was the winner. And the winner is...

Bubs did float a few wrappers, though.

It turned out to be a very fun Mini Lesson, made a small dent in our candy (Oh My!), and wrapped up our fun Halloween festivities.


  1. K those jello worms look amazingly real, and I love all of your creative candy experiments. You are such a cute mom. Your kids look darling, and I can't wait for you to have your new baby...Hopefully we will get to see you one of these days:)

  2. Emily your kids are darling, you worms are disgusting, and you candy idea is great. Mine are too little yet to get the idea but in a year or two we will so do that! We have WAY WAY WAY too much candy for the three of them to eat even in a year! Gosh!