Art is for Creativity.

A local mom set up a home school art gallery at the library. The kids were excited to participate. Even better? There weren't any stipulations about what kind of art to bring.

Next thing I knew, Bubs was working hard on this fabulous teepee. Personally, I never would have thought to make a 3-D teepee for an art show. Very creative.

And Welly made this picture with stamps, glitter, glue, tape, different papers, and colored pencils.

I couldn't have been more thrilled with their work.

I'm afraid that when many teachers/parents think of art projects for their kids to do, they come up with pre-arranged craft projects. You know? The Cut Here-Glue Here-Follow my directions exactly-kind of artwork.

Those projects are great for learning to obey and follow directions. There's certainly a place for that. But are they really artwork? They don't do much for creativity.

Maybe it's better to learn the following-directions-skills in math, PE or other activities than in art.

I like to allow their little minds to explore. It's good for their problem-solving and the development of their imagination...And in the end, they often come up with pieces that are much more wonderful and personal.

And, shh! But Y's art may have been the most beautiful of all. Even if it didn't last long enough to be part of the gallery.

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