I've been around...

Where have I been? Around. Just not around the computer, I guess. Now that the computer isn't in the Family Room, I just...forget about it more. 

We took a (relaxing) vacation to AZ, where the kids swam every day, several times per day. 

We've gone on some field trips. This is the Place Heritage Park is shown below. 

Mostly, though, we're just following our homeschool routine, while my belly continues to expand. I'm quite round, actually. Ask my doc. Baby is poised to about 9 pounds, and apparently I'm at the upper limit of fluids in there, too. So, until Christmastime, I'm doomed to waddle.

I do have some things to say, though. Don't I always? And new books to review. So, I'll still be around. And next time I waddle into the office, I'll drop in to say hi.  :)


  1. the babe is 9 pounds already!? Yikes that is awhile to waddle! I hope you get a lot of time to sit in the next while!

  2. Haha. No. Thank goodness he isn't that big yet...If he continues to grow like he is, he'll be around 9 when he's born.