Making Easter More Spiritual

I'm more excited about Easter than I've ever been.

As a family, we've been studying the New Testament, and it just so happens that we were right in the final chapters of Matthew this week. Some things that have impacted me through this study include...

1. Jesus said that He could call tens of thousands of angels to His aid to stop the events leading up to the crucifixion...but He never did.
2. When the council brought Jesus to Pilate, they didn't enter the chamber for fear of being defiled and unclean from entering the home of a Gentile where there was leaven (yeast). Yet they didn't care that they were putting an innocent Man to death.
3. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, a symbol of love and fellowship for the price of a servant. He retured the money, and then killed Himself.
4. Jesus was convicted by the Jews of blasphemy against Jehovah (himself).
5. Many laws were broken in the process of convicting Jesus.
6. At Passover, the tradition was to release a prisoner. Pilate wanted to release Jesus, but the croud insisted on releasing a murderer instead.
7. One of the thieves who was crucified next to Jesus, asked for Christ to remember him when they were in Christ's Kingdom.
8. After being mocked, scourged, and hung, Jesus still wanted His Father to forgive His killers.

Tomorrow, we'll be having some fun family Easter festivities, including an Easter Egg hunt and a fancy dinner with Robby's family.

Sunday morning is going to be special. We are going to read the story of Jesus washing the Apostles' feet, and then Robby and I will wash the kids' feet. Then we are going to give the kids new scriptures of their own, scripture pencils, and scripture journals.

Sunday is also Fast Sunday. Once a month, we refrain from eating two meals. The money that we would use for those meals is donated to the needy. My favorite thing about Fast Sunday, is that we have an opportunity to bear testimony of our Savior during our Worship Services.

And Sunday evening, we'll have a yummy dinner with Robby's parents.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Hi Homespun Emily,

    I was just browsing through and caught your comment on Easter. It's the most joyful time of the year. It sounds like you're really sharing this with your children. It brings back memories of when our kids were still at home. Have a blessed Easter.