Sub Zero Ice Cream Field Trip

Our Sub Zero Ice Cream field trip was AWESOME. Honestly, it was up there with my favorites. Playing with liquid nitrogen was exciting and educational...and something I never would have attempted with the kids at home...even if it didn't cost hundreds of dollars.

The manager, Royal, gave each group a small bowl of liquid nitrogen, which was placed inside a bigger stainless steel bowl. Everyone took turns touching it. You have to be quick. If you touch it too long, it will hurt, and then freeze your finger off...literally.

We froze some little candies and marshmallows and then threw them to make them shatter.

This picture was right after Bubs spilled liquid nitrogen on himself. Um, yeah.

Did you know that liquid nitrogen boils below room temperature? It's crazy! While it sat there in the bowls, it slowly rose to a boil...although it was still cold, of course. 

When we were finished, we just poured the bowls of liquid nitrogen out onto the floor. They didn't even leave a wet spot, the liquid just vanished.

Then, we got to the kids' favorite part of the field trip...Eating! They ordered mint with gummy bears and strawberry with gummy bears. Mmmm.  :)

At the end, I gave Royal a donation jar to keep there for their baby that needs heart surgery. My heart was warmed by all the generosity I saw. Thanks, everyone!

It was a great success! If you missed it, and you live near a Sub Zero in AZ, ID, or UT, definitely go check it out. Better yet, if you're in the Provo area, go support Royal and Jenn.

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