Heirloom Rag Quilt

Let's be honest. This quilt only took me a year and a half to finish. I'm pretty proud of it now, but I'm glad you can't see it well enough to examine the flaws. Believe me, they abound. 

I'm calling it an heirloom quilt because many of the squares are made of Welly's old, beloved clothes, as well as mine. I can even pick out a few shirts I wore when she was still growing inside my belly. We also added some super-soft chenille squares for extra snuggliness.

Hope you're keeping warm and cozy!


  1. that is beautiful. even with the flubs and flaws. and your girl will treasure it always. well done!

  2. Looks great. And I am sure she loves it! By the way I just finished a quilt for my son that took 2+ years to complete! But at least it is done!