My Gratitudes this CHRISTmas

It's Christmas Eve Eve. I have mixed feelings about that. I LOVE Christmas, but the days leading up to it are almost as wonderful. If they go too fast, it'll be over. I'm wondering if this will be the first year my kids will wake up before me. Probably not. I mean, Welly's middle name is Noelle...and she was a June baby.  :)

My Top 5 Gratitudes this Christmas...

1. My Savior, Jesus Christ. He came to the most humble beginnings. He was a man acquainted with grief. He knew what He was getting Himself into, and He did it anyway. He lived and died for me.

2. My completely blissful marriage to my Robby. My heart is full to bursting.

3. My babies. I adore being a mother. I wish my memory was perfect so I could memorize every moment of their growing up and treasure it in my heart...Bubs and his funny jokes and cheerful giggles. Welly-Bell and her snuggles and whispers of "I just love you." Y and his sweet prayers and soft, kissable cheeks.

4. Extended family. Robby and I have the best parents in the world, and our siblings are our dearest friends. They are why we are who we are.

5. The Christmas Spirit of giving. The joy we feel when we give thoughtful gifts to one another, modeling after the greatest gift ever given.

Have a merry, merry CHRISTMAS!


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