Happy Happy Birthday, Robby Dear...

So, Robby doesn't really read my blog, but I'm posting about his birthday anyway, so I can show off the pretty cake I made. That's the truth.

We usually have brownies for birthdays, because we like the taste better, but this year, he asked for a "Narlical Chocolate Cake". I have to say, it was pretty narlical, whatever that means...

The Top Ten Reasons I'm loving Robby at this very moment are:

10. He bought me an amazing new wedding ring for Christmas. (I lost mine about 2 years ago.)

9. Not only did he give me a beautiful ring, but he made the most romantic morning out of it, which included a blindfold, lots of twinkle lights, telling the kids the story of our love, and a re-proposal.  

8. Sorry. I'm still on the ring...He was so excited to give it to me, he looked at it hundreds of times.

7. He's dang hot.

6. He makes adorable babies.

5. He's the best dad. Firm when he needs to be...and playful the rest of the time.

4. He makes me laugh every day, just like he promised he would when he proposed (the first time).

3. He makes me feel beautiful.

2. He gets as excited as a little boy.

1. He is my perfect match in every way.

I love you, Robby. I still think we're the happiest couple in the world. Thanks for 9 wonderful years. Happy Birthday, Old Man.

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