Now, That's an Art Project.

Personally, I think most elementary art projects are completely uncreative. Well, I take that back. They require plenty of creativity on the part of the teacher, but not necessarily from the kids. Maybe things have changed, but when I was in school, our art projects consisted of specific directions to follow, i.e. 1. Cut on the dotted lines. 2. Glue part A on part C at the appointed place, etc.

Now, there's certainly a place for activities like these. I think it's good for kids to learn to follow directions. It's just not a creative activity. I'm aware that many creative art projects don't come out looking very nice. Often they're made of garbage. But creativity is very important to me, no matter what the outcome, and sometimes, you'll have a product that is just fabulous.

Anyway, climbing off my soapbox.

I took Bubs to the craft store (where we are regular customers) and let him pick some embroidery floss. Then at home, I dug out some scrap fabric (if you don't have any, check WalMart's scrap pieces) and helped him place it into an embroidery hoop.

Y wanted to sew, too, so I made him a lacing card in about 3 seconds. I was surprised how well he could do it.

Bubs chose to make a picture of where he went backpacking with his daddy this summer. I helped him tie knots in the back.

Then, we cut another piece of scrap fabric the same size and sewed them right sides together, leaving an opening a few inches long. We decided to fill it with rice and some cinnamon. (And yes, I'm aware that I really should have ironed it, but me and the iron don't get along very well.) Lastly, we sewed the end closed, and Wallah: a pillow that he sleeps with every night.

What great projects have you done with your kids?


  1. My kids love art projects. Even the "follow the directions" kind, but they really love to create on their own.

    With or without ironing, your son's project is adorable!

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  3. Hi Emily,
    I just found your site today and I love it! Thanks to you and your readers, I now have a hold list at my local library. I have been searching for clean, age appropriate, enjoyable reads for my 7th and 9th grade daughters; without much success. This site is what I have been looking for; thank you so much!!
    Shelley - Sparks, NV

  4. I totally agree about the 'creative' projects. Are we trying to teach our kids that it is only a 'good' project if it turns out exactly like everyone else's? The joy of creation and pride of accomplishment are plenty for a small child to be dealing with. Perfectionism can come later:)

    BTW, I am the Texan that talked to your SIL. I was so surprised to learn that I had a connection (however small) to one of my favorite blogs. Welcome back! (Though of course you can quit if it is better for you and your family - I would just be sad:(