Baby Shower Cupcakes and Oh Boy Banner

I recently helped throw a baby shower, and I thought I'd share what I did.

Here's a simple way to make cute cupcakes. I got the rubber ducks at WalMart in the party section. The frosting was quite a bit bluer than it looks.

Then I put this banner together, using my Cricut. I know I haven't talked about my Cricut for a while, but I'm still in love with it. Have you seen the Cricut Cakes? How fun would one of those be? (Answer: Way too fun, but also way to indulgent...)

I also covered one of those mini composition books with paper and ribbon matching the banner. We passed it around to write notes and advice to the beautiful new mommy and her precious baby.

And speaking of baby boys!!! My brother and sister-in-love will be having one any day now! I can't wait. He'll be the first baby in my family besides my own. Yay for cousins! And exclamation points!  :)

PS. Aren't babies the best? This morning, my friend said she had a dream that I was pregnant, and I found myself answering, "I wish!"


  1. Babies are so fun! This week has been a busy one for my family. We have three new arrivals between brothers and sisters...just in one week! Love it!

  2. It seems like we have a lot in common, at least when it comes to the general details of our lives - we both have 3 kids, we both homeschool, we're both LDS, and now I find out we both have a Cricut!! I totally love mine, too. I'm using it less for scrapbooking these days and more for fun projects like the one you did.

    I've been thinking about the next baby too...

  3. Love those cupcakes, look delicious. And the banner? Way cute! I need to try and make a sweet banner like this for my friend's shower but I need to find baby gifts first! LOL :) Thanks for sharing!