Homeschool Science Experiment

This is Bub's idea of a science experiment. I don't know if it was more about the scientific process or about tricking mom into buying a bunch of candy, but we had fun. Here's what we did:

1. Bubs wrote out his hypothesis, materials, and procedure.

2. Using saucepans, he melted 1/4 cup of each candy. He tested Junior Mints, Dots, Nerds, and Jolly Ranchers.

Bubs hypothesis was that the Jolly Ranchers would need the most heat to melt. He turned out to be incorrect. Which candy do you think took longest to melt?

For ease of cleaning, we melted the last candy (the Jolly Ranchers) in foil. Learn from my mistake and do them all that way if you try this.

(After the experiment, this became a bike reflector. Crazy creative kid.)