Happiness is...

climbing in a dishwasher, apparently.

(Unhappiness is having (and this is NO exaggeration) my TWENTY-STINKIN-FIFTH case of mastitis. Any advice for prevention is welcome.)


  1. So sorry no advice but CUTE boy!! I want to squeeze his cheeks.

  2. Super cute Pic Emily! As for the mastitis - I got it when I wore a certain bra. Sounds weird I know.... I'm feeling for ya. The thing i did for relief was to take motrin (ibuprofen) and take a really warm shower and massage the sore area in the shower it really helped and of course the other thing - nurse nurse nurse - which is painful but necessary. I hope you feel better soon. ☺

  3. I just discovered your blog via latter-day homeschooling. I am so inspired, nothing like a fresh perspective to a blah homeschooling day. Mastitis- plenty of liquids, nurse frequently with your baby's nose pointing the direction of the worst pain, that will encourage clearing of the affected ducts. Hot showers worked for me, also if you have been on an antibiotic be sure to replace the good bacteria by eating a good quality of yogure (brown cow is my favorite)search mastitis at www.kellymom.com as well. Best wishes!
    Homeschool mom of 7
    Lactation Consultant, Doula and Apprentice Midwife in the time left over.

  4. Yeouch! So sorry to hear it! I ran into your blog a while ago and have been reading it. I used to get mastitis, too. Are you using a nipple guard? They don't allow the baby to empty the nipple completely, which leads to mastitis. Also, the leak pads (sorry, can't remember proper name) can cause them. Bacteria builds up in them. Try switching brands as well as changing them more frequently throughout the day. I found that having the baby drink from the same breast once you feel like you are getting mastitis helps as well, to make sure that breast stays empty. Warm compresses help some with message on the hard area.

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  6. Thanks for the advice everyone! Sarah-great link. Thanks! I never heard of pointing the baby's nose in the direction of the pain.

    I have had fewer infections this time around (about 5 in a year instead of 10), due to having better fitting bras. Problem is, I'm in the process of weaning. I just missed one usual night nursing and woke up with an infection.

    I really don't leak. I wonder if that is part of the problem.

  7. I had a TON of cases with my first, and didn't find out (until the process of weaning) that it was because of ill-fitting bras. Also, I found that the breast pads I had been using were harboring it.

    I recommend the hot showers as well, and I found cabbage leaves and pumping to help. The frustrating part is that i always increased pumping and nursing during an infection, which is the exact opposite of what you're trying to do! But the pain relief was worth the setback, in my opinion.

    I'm so sorry, though. Mastitis is NO FUN at all!