A Letter from Y:13 months and counting

Dear Mama,

It's about time I was featured on your blog again. After all, I do stuff now. At 13 months, I may not walk, but I have plenty of personality.

I love to color and play with snow in my high chair. I also love to eat there. My favorite foods are cooked carrots and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I'm hyper as can be. I know you are worried about the maniac I may be when I can walk, but I'm pretty good at listening when you say NO.

I'm crazy passionate about music. Sometimes I find myself dancing to the music in my head, or to the sound of my coloring, or the rhythm of my teeth being brushed.

I also love books. You are always trying to hand me those board books, but I much prefer the feel and smell of the real paper ones. I try to be careful with them...until you are least expecting. Then, I grab a handful of your favorite page and yank. I like how you freak out.

Bubs and Welly have always made me laugh. Now I find it even more fun to make them laugh. Daddy called me a hambone tonight when I was making everyone giggle.

I'm pleased with life. If only you'd let me go up and down the stairs more often. Please?


Love you,

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  1. That kid writes pretty good for 13 months, must've got his daddy's brains. He forgot the part about loving to eat 15 times a day...