Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Kids

We have been making things up to wazoo. It seems like our creativity comes in waves. Lately, we can't get enough of our projects.
Here is our Thankful Tree project.
We hung the tree on the wall where we pass it all the time. When we are feeling grateful, we write a new gratitude on one of the branches. It is fun to watch the tree filling up with good things.
We also made this thing below. Can you even tell what it is? Yes. It is a turkey. My Bebe said it looks like a pinata. Check out the original at Family Fun. It's a lot prettier. (Walmart didn't have any brown tissue paper. I think that would have helped.)

I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving week!



  1. My creativity has so far stretched to gingerbread cookies... from a box. I'm feeling good about it.

  2. love the thankful tree! We are going to do this tomorrow!