An Evening by the River

Thanks to our good friends, The Hausers, we enjoyed a quiet evening at the river...chatting, roasting marshmallows, enjoying the summer night, and fishing, always fishing.

Don't you wish you could follow this little path to the water? It looks like such a treasure, doesn't it? What dreams couldn't come true, right here in this quiet little spot?


  1. Beautiful spot! Sometimes, when I get home from work, I look out of my bedroom window. Sure, there are houses everywhere, but, being on a hill, I have a fantastic viewpoint of the sky. I love watching the clouds race across, and seeing the sun set. Those few minutes give me an entirely different perspective of life.

  2. Hi Emily. What a great family. I'm a contributor on Trenches. I'm excited to get to know you and learn some great home schooling wisdom from you.

    I love books! I was wondering if I could be your friend on goodreads? I noticed on one of your reviews you mentioned you had a Goodreads account. Just look me up on there under: Deanna Sutter. Thanks for considering. See you on the Trenches!