I Guess that's just the Cowboy in Me

What is it about visiting a farm that is so rejuvenating?

Last week, we went to one with my in-laws.

(Can you bear a totally off-topic tangent for a moment? When I married My Robby eight years ago, a sweet elderly lady in the temple told me she loathed the term in-laws. She said she preferred to call them in-loves. Now, I can never say the word without feeling guilty. I feel like I am distancing myself from them somehow. Now you can feel guilty, too. We aren't related to them because the law said so. We're related to them because we fell in love with a member of their family, and thus attached ourselves to them forevermore...Okay. Back to the farm.) My cute nephew here, couldn't get enough of the kittens.
Here's one of my brother-in-loves. :)

Welly loved the kitties, too. She says horses and zebras are her favorite animals, but this kitty must be a close third.

Another cute nephew.
Welly and her cousin-friend...on their way to ride the horses.
The cousin-friend looking very cowgirl-ish, next to Bubs, who is clenching a homegrown carrot that will soon be gobbled by a horse.
Yes, it was a beautiful summer evening with the in-loves.

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