Our Pioneer Project

How to Make a Feather Quill Pen and Ink...
To make the quill pen, all you have to do is find a large hollow feather (we found one in the fly-tying aisle of the local sport store), and cut the end at an angle with strong scissors to form a point. At first, we made our "ink" by watering down some Crayola paints. That worked very well, until Bubs (always thinking) said something to the effect of...surely the pioneers didn't have crayola paints with them when they crossed the plains...

So, after some thought about what they did have (and remembering the great and abominable stain Welly-Bells got on her dress earlier in the day), we concluded that our dark red cherries would make excellent ink.

Bubs placed them on this strainer and mashed the juice through, and into a bowl. We used six cherries and added a little water. However, more cherries and less water would have worked better.

Welly wanted to do her project a little differently. She attached her feather to a pen a la Fancy Nancy, instead. And, you know what? I was okay with that. I hate when people tell kids exactly how to do art projects. I mean, isn't art all about creativity and doing things the way that speaks to you?

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