Water Fun

We are loving Grammy and Pappy's pool this week. Bubs started swimming (he alternates from being a fish to a seal to an otter to an eel...) Welly-Bells had a fabulous "no-present" party in which she was spoiled with lots of gifts. Why-Why is enjoying a diversion, even if he didn't enjoy the drive.
I hope you are all enjoying some summer sun!


  1. Our sunshine is in hiding. It felt really cold today in England, after all the nice hot weather we've had its back to normal summer temperatures. But, its all a blessing :)

  2. Feet! I love little kid feet! My six-year old thinks it's silly but I still love his little toes.

    That pool looks great -- Zack is a great swimmer and joined the swim team at age 5 (go Zack!) but I can't stand the heat so we end up in the indoor pool a lot.