Dearly Depotted by Kate Collins

Before I post today's review, I need to ask a very important question. Have you read any good clean books lately? I have one or two to review myself, but I am completely out of reader reviews...and, you know, I don't read two to three books a week that end up being clean, so I really rely on YOUR reviews. (Thank goodness Cindy has sent some since the blog move.)

Please email me your reviews (or any questions). And now, for the main event...

Dearly Depotted by Kate Collins

Review by Cindy Bohn of Digging Up Bohns

Abby's neurotic cousin, Jillian, is finally getting married and Abby has agreed to do the flowers and be a bridesmaid. She wasn't counting on dead bodies. But when the groom's grandmother discovers one under a table, Abby jumps in to investigate. The police already have a suspect - her friend's new boyfriend. But Abby thinks they are too quick to draw conclusions. Oh, and what's going on with her hottie escort?

This is the third in a fun series. I enjoyed this one and the others, but I just don't enjoy books like this as much as I used to. The idea of a amateur detective gets a little hard to believe after a while. And why can't she figure out what's going on with Marco? This is the third book and there's been an attraction between them the whole time. Then she FALLS ASLEEP when she finally gets to spend an evening alone with him? What's up with that? I'm all for taking things slow, but she hasn't even decided if they are dating or not. How long is that going to take?

If you like cozy mysteries, this is a fun series. There is a little bit of language, but it's otherwise clean. I like the characters, although Jillian is a bit much, and there's not this shove-it-down-your-throat thing that a lot of the 'theme cozies' seem to have. Yes, she's a florist, but it's not a DIY book for aspiring green thumbs. For myself, I would probably read another in the series if I got the chance, but I'm not going to go out and look for one.

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  1. We are reading a book for book club A town like Alice by Nevile Shute. It was good a clean. And if you have read Hunger Games (best book of the year) Suzanne Collins has some YA books I really liked called Gregor the Overlander.