The Ranger's Apprentice, Book One, The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan

Review by Cindy Bohn of Digging Up Bohns

Will is an orphan, left to be raised by the Baron and then apprenticed to a skill when he turns 15. He hopes to become a warrior, but his small size means he is passed over. But the ranger Halt offers him an apprenticeship. Despite some doubts, Will accepts, and begins his training.

I think one of the reasons I bought this book is because I have a son named Will. But I also liked the idea of this sort of mysterious group working for the good of the kingdom, despite being misunderstood.

The book wasn't exactly what I had expected, but in some ways, it was better. I really liked Will and his fellow apprentices. That dynamic seems to be something that will be explored even more later in the series. I also liked Halt and the Baron. The setting is good, but could be better, but again, maybe that will develop more later in the series. I am excited to read book 2.

This one is appropriate for kids any age, and is especially a good one for boys. My Will loved it and is a big fan of the series now.


  1. This is one of my favorite series. Just a warning though, be sure to have book 3 on hand when you finish book 2. Worst cliffhanger EVER.

    Same goes for the end of book 5 (though book 6 won't be published until August...).

    I enjoyed your review.

  2. Thanks for the warning! I have book 2 in my room right now!