You might have a preschooler if...

1. You get excited when the toilet paper roll runs out because you've been needing one for an art project.

2. You are frequently asked to sound out words like: xsozeutrpqmnbatroyblw

3. You have 1 goal for a whole day-clean the bathrooms-and at the end of the day, they're still as dirty as they were when you woke up. Worse actually because a little someone was having too much fun to quite make it to the toilet.

4. You are expected to make faces out of quesadillas, the honey on peanut butter sandwiches, and every other snack you can think of.

5. You just said, "Just a sec" to someone.

6. Your fridge has more art on it than any wall in your home.

7. When your husband forgets to put his socks in the hamper, you threaten to take his car away.

8. It is common for you to find crayon bits in your pockets, writing on your arms, and segments of tape in your hair.

9. You haven't been in a bathroom alone for a few years.

10. Dressing up now means you add 8 necklaces and a tiara to your sweats outfit.

And finally, you had to stop halfway through this list to run to someone's rescue.


  1. I can relate to all 10. Ya gotta love life with a preschooler :)

  2. I'm a lurker (I came because of your book reviews) but I can so identify with this! Love your list; so funny.

  3. Hilarious! I have actually done nine of these--including, especially, number seven. Genius! No tiaras for me, though, as I've got a boy. Instead I'm constantly sporting at least one Thomas the Train temporary tattoo (the alliteration!). Great list!