Minute Vacations

One of the speakers at church yesterday made a passing comment about taking minute vacations...just stopping now and then to experience the beauty that surrounds us.

I instantly fell in love with the idea.

So, today I am committing to stop and notice things.

If I'm busy and one of my babies wants to interrupt, I will stop, look them in the eye, and treasure the fleeting moment of their childhood.

If I am driving to pick up Bubs from school, I will breathe and look up at the clouds over the mountains.

If I am reading a book, I will take a moment to enjoy the imagery or the use of a particular word.

If I am breastfeeding, I will smell the aroma of my newborn and hold his chubby hand in mine.

If I am bathing, I will pause to enjoy the warmth of the water and the sound of the rain on the window.

If I am eating, I will take a moment to make the presentation beautiful and then enjoy the taste of the food.

Life is fleeting. Let's enjoy it before it's gone.


  1. This is a great way to live. I do this a bit.I love watching the sky out of my window, just sitting there, and looking at it. Reminds me of the world that's been created for us :) A great thing to see.

  2. i love this post! i really need to just slow down and enjoy the small and simple things in life!

  3. I must have missed that comment on Sunday. I was probably to busy and stressed to sit down and actually listen. That talk was probably for people like me! Ha! Thanks for the reminder to actually enjoy life once and awhile!