Happiness is...

Hearing Bubs tell Welly-Bells that she is his best friend in the whole world... and then watching him make a super-secret-surprise project for her.This flower is actually made of TP rolls. When you get them wet, the glue dissolves, and you are left with flat diamonds. He attached them together with tape (Oh, the tape we use in this house!), colored them, and curled the petals up.

He has also used the TP diamonds to make fairy wings for her.

Cute, huh?

PS: Happiness is also...having an hour ALL alone while the husband-man is taking all the babies on a field-trip to Cabela's. Yay for a wonderful husband-man!!!


  1. What a sweet little boy to think of her like that! Awesome art project!

  2. That's so sweet! I'll remember the tip about TP rolls.