What do crafts and toilets have to do with each other?

My friend asked me to cut 13 signs that said, "Did you think to pray?" for a group of girls at church to make signs out of. This one got a little messed up, so I kept it and put it on my wall...and, yes, it IS crooked. I know. It looks better in real life. Maybe.
Anyway, I put it here...
So, the husband-man comes in and says, "I like the new words. Is that so I'll pray the toilet doesn't clog?"



  1. That is very funny! Something my husband would say. I've been checking in on your clean reads blog occasionally and especially like your suggestions for middle-schoolers. I have one who is an avid reader and it is sometimes hard to find appropriate books that interest her but are not too "old" for her. So, thanks!

  2. Truly, I put a sign with that very same quote in my bathroom a while back. I want my kids to see it first thing in the morning and the bathroom is the first place they go in the morning. Great minds think alike. I do enjoy your blog.

  3. when i want us to read something and focus on it, i tack it up in front of the toilet. we have the family proclamation there right now, which is pretty odd, but my husband and i both read bits of it everyday. a captive audience, as it were.