Art is Magic

Bubs: "Coloring is like magic. You just wave your wand across the paper and color appears."

Welly-Bells is no less enamored...
As you can imagine, my kids use a LOT of paper. Now, I grew up in a spotless house. We didn't put artwork on the fridge because it looked too messy. I don't know how my mom did it. She managed to have such a clean home and still be the most incredible mom there ever was.
I struggle with balancing having my home look great and allowing the kids to display their creativity (not to mention saving all the junk they want to make projects out of..) I wish I could do both like my mom did, but I don't feel like it's possible for me.
Honestly, if I didn't ransack their work OFTEN, it would completely take over the house.

My latest idea, was to buy three-ring binders and sheet protectors for them to store some of their favorite drawings.

For the cover, we printed an index page of some of their favorite pictures and projects for inspiration.
What are your ideas for keeping the creativity organized?


  1. I love this idea! I don't have kids yet, but I already have a "save everything" habit that will surely get us in trouble. One organized creative outlet that I want to try is a collage book. My sister has a great, hardcover sketch book where she pastes magazine pages and cutouts that inspire her. It keeps all of her inspiration in one stylish place and is one of her creative outlets. I don't know if this would work for kids, but it might work for teens (and grown-ups)!

  2. Just wait for school when they proudly bring home art projects & orginal poems/stories! We've tried saving their favorites in a file folder. Every few months (The end of the quarter or semester) they lay on the floor with their art work and certificates spread every where and we take an 'aerial photo'. That photo is used as a reference/cover shot. The art work is scanned or photographed and goes into a coffee table book of their own art complete with artist captions and comments. (Blurb, My Publisher...all offer easy to use formats.) Sometimes originals are saved, sometimes not. My friend also has nicely matted frames in the hall and the child decides which art goes in and when it gets replaced. It looks beautiful and is great for kids to see their work properly finished.