Ordinary Days: Family Life in a Farmhouse by Dorcas Smucker

Life is sometimes hectic and busy. Sometimes we need to slow down. Ordinary Days: Family Life in a Farmhouse will encourage you to do just that. Dorcas Smucker, the author, is the wife of a Mennonite minister and mother of six. She has written a collection of stories that will make you want to sit, relax, and appreciate the ordinary, yet important, moments of your life.

The essays are divided into categories: family, seasons, relatives, places, and lessons. While Mrs. Smucker's life on her farm is much different than my own, I found myself nodding and smiling as I related to her stories. Her tales brought back memories of long car trips, helped me remember the way it felt to finish school and begin a seemingly endless summer, and rekindled my appreciation for seeing life through the eyes of a child. Her stories reminded me to value the ordinary days that make up my own life.

Whatever your station in life, you will appreciate that these stories reflect on issues common to the human experience: life, death, work, play, family, friendship, even speeding tickets. These essays are meant to be read slowly and savored, so plan to spend some time as you journey through Mrs. Smucker's ordinary days. The time you spend with her stories will help you remember and appreciate your own.

If you are interested, Mrs. Smucker also has a website and a blog. She invites you to come and visit.

Review by Lauren, regular contributor

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