Hart's Crossing Novellas by Robin Lee Hatcher

Hart's Crossing Novellas by Robin Lee Hatcher

I really don't care much for novellas...not much bang for your buck.
But I have to say that I adore the Hart's Crossing series by Robin Lee Hatcher...and each story is adorable.

Legacy Lane Angie Hart returning home to care for her mom, Francine. Will their relationship be restored, or continue to be strained?

Veteran's Way reunites old flames Jimmy Scott and Stephanie Watson. The age old game of "what if?" is played out for the two of them.

Diamond Place deals with a ten-year-old's love of baseball, and a romantic interest between her mom and her coach.

Sweet Dreams Drive concludes with Al and Patti Bedford, new parents of twins and severely sleep deprived. Can they survive the challenges of parenthood and the financial stress they've created for themselves?

As I said, novellas don't usually offer me much for the price...but these satisfied. I'm hoping eventually they'll be compiled into one volume...but I couldn't wait to add them to my collection:-)

This series gets 3 bookmarks and a bonus tassel from me!

Happy Reading!

Review by Deena


  1. Hi emily! Of course i linked your sites! I'm not a very vocal participant, but i'm always reading and looking forward to a book that i can read with abandon. i read twilight and i think that i may be the only person in the world who isn't in love with edward cullen. can you tell me why you love him so much?

  2. You can preorder Home to Hart's Crossing at Amazon now. It is a compendium of the four novellas due in 2008. ISBN 978-0800731960.

  3. Miriam,

    Why do I love Twilight? Let me count the ways. :)

    As Vivian says here--http://hipwritermama.blogspot.com/2007/05/hold-of-mesmerizing-books.html, Bella and Edward are the ultimate star-crossed lovers. Bella is a normal girl, but this extraordinary being finds her irresistable. He can't stay away from her. He can't keep himself from saving her. He is gentlemanly and inhumanly beautiful. He is strong. I don't know. He's more like a superhero than a vampire...with similar underlying themes to Spiderman. He loves her, but his love puts her in danger. You'd probably be one of the people in Camp Jacob if you read New Moon. Do you generally like fantasy and romance?

    Having said all that, you are certainly not the first person who doesn't like this book. The book is certainly flawed from a writer's perspective. For an in-depth discussion of Twilight by children's writers, go to this link: http://www.verlakay.com/boards/index.php?topic=8320.0
    You'll see you are not alone.

    I suppose I'm a hopeless romantic. And I LOVE romantic fantasy. I love reading about young love and this book to me is a particulary enjoyable read because it is clean.

    Of course, I'm not really trying to sell you on it. Not everyone likes the same books. Just sharing how I feel about it because I'm, well, quite passionate about it.

  4. Mary Ann,
    Thanks for sharing this info. The Amazon link on the right is for the collection of all four books.

  5. Deena--that's so funny "bang for your buck." That's exactly what I used to look for when I was a kid. I read so often and so quickly, that when someone offered to buy me a book, I picked the thickest one that interested me!

  6. I found edward cullen to be cold and bossy and scary. i was much more attracted to carlisle. i think i like kindness more than power (edward semms very powerful to me) in my heros. i don't know. i'm getting my mom to read the books so i have someone to discuss my edward dislike with.