A Can of Peas, Dandelions in a Jelly Jar, and Aprons on a Clothesline by Traci Depree

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I’ve just returned from a visit to Lake Emily . A small farming community in Minnesota , Lake Emily is full of warm-hearted people who are the salt of the earth. Join author Traci Depree as she introduces you to the Morgan family. Virginia Morgan is a recent farmer’s widow and is learning how to live after the death of her husband. You’ll meet her son David, an accomplished musician, as well as her grandson Peter and his wife Mae. Decisions need to be made about the future and the farm amidst changing dynamics in family relationships.

Along with the Morgan family, you are introduced to many other residents of Lake Emily … mostly through small windows into their past that Ms. Depree weaves into her story. Tiny glimpses into past successes and tragedies show how this small community is held together and why these friendships as so strong and run so deep. There are so many characters here that I would love to sit down and get to know over a cup of coffee. Folks who have learned what is truly important in life … faith and friendship are at the top of that list. A favorite quote of mine from the end of the series completely sums up the heart behind these books:

“You said that when you wore and apron, it was your way of telling us that you loved us, and that serving the people you love is part of showing that love. You said that serving us was the greatest blessing of your life.” David reached for his mother’s hand. “Ma, you are the greatest blessing of my life.”

Start with her first book A Can of Peas. It is followed by Dandelions in a Jelly Jar and concludes with Aprons on a Clothesline. These books help me remember what is truly important and where my focus should be as I walk with my family and friends through life.

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  1. Just ordered ALL of these for our library - they look wonderful - thanks for the info!!! That's why I love this blog!!