And the winner is...

I write the names of the people who entered the Horse Passages Contest on a scrap paper.
I tear them, crumple them, and drop them in a hat (well, a tubberware, anyway).
I shake them around.
My son waves his hand, dips into the names, and pulls out a winner.

And the winner is...bump-bada-bum... Vivian from HipWriterMama!

So, me at emykate03 *AT* yahoo *DOT* com with your address, and I will send you your free copy of Horse Passages by Jennifer Macaire.

Many thanks to Jennifer for providing this book for our first Clean Reads Giveaway!

If you didn't win it, but you want it, you can always click over there to the right and buy one from Amazon.

And guess what came in the mail yesterday?! A beautiful, two-stickered, signed copy of Rules by Cynthia Lord. This will be our next Clean Reads Giveaway, after I get back from my exciting weekend.


  1. Thank you! This is such a wonderful treat.

  2. Thank you for presenting my book in such a lovely way!
    Very best wishes,
    Jennifer Macaire