The Debt by Angela Hunt

The Debt is the story of Emma Rose Howard. Emma Rose is the committed and loving wife of a busy and prominent minister. Emma Rose plays a vital role in her congregation; her days are filled with acts of service for her husband and her brothers and sisters in Christ. Out of the blue, one phone message changes everything. The caller reminds Emma Rose of her past and forces her to evaluate her life. Emma Rose learns that while serving the people of God is noble and important, she has neglected an even greater calling.

In this novel, Angela Hunt poignantly reminds the reader that although Christians are called to serve their brothers and sisters in Christ, they must not forget their mission in the world. If you are in need of a gentle shove to help you step outside your comfort zone, check out this thought-provoking book. I am new to Mrs. Hunt's novels, but I plan to read more of her novels soon.

This book is Christian fiction and is appropriate for adults.

Happy Reading!

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