The Tales of the Frog Princess by E.D. Baker

The 7 amazing tales of the frog princess are a series about a young princess named Emeralda. But everyone calls her Emma. Emma has a flair of magic inside her. These tales starring Emma are a very unique series. They are full of wonderful magic, romance, friendship, and everything amazing to you. Emma is a young princess in love with a funny, but serious prince with a huge appetite...Prince Eadric has a wonderful character like his love, Princess Emeralda. Emma makes lots of animal friends along the way, including a bat named Li'l. She also makes friends with a few mermaids, Pearl and her friends. A dragon named Ralf and his old grandfather are also befriended by the remarkable pair. These enchanting books will make you believe you are with Emma and her Prince Eadric, just as they have done for me. Emma discovers she is a witch. This makes the books a wonderful set of stories with Emma doing all kinds of magic experiments that will get you tangled up in this series whipped up by a wonderful author, E.D. Baker. Emma and her betrothed Prince Eadric fight all kinds of scary monsters and a few dragons together. But however hard Emma tries, it seems that she and Eadric will never marry. Finally, they get married. But wait...You're not done with the series, yet, they only get married at book three. Read this amazing series.           

Report by a 7 year old girl, who is choosing not to be named.   :)     

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  1. My girls fell in love with this series. :) We read the first couple and they wanted to read all of them, which we eventually did. I'm so glad you enjoyed them too!