Free Time for Homeschoolers

When people ask me how much time I spend homeschooling, it's hard to answer. Do you include family work? Do you want me to count music practice? What about time spent reading?

And what about free time? At first, I'm sure you'd say no, but free time is actually something I'm pretty passionate about. Kids need time to just play, create, explore, and be kids.

Today, for example, I was doing some dishes after lunch. Usually, I recruit help from all my little eaters, but I looked around and decided not to disrupt them.

Bubs was at the piano, picking out the Star Wars theme song by ear.

Welly was writing a retelling of Cinderella.

Why-Why was actually vacuuming for me. I did ask Why to vacuum, but Bubs and Welly were using their free time for great creative pursuits that they chose to do.

There's so much power in choice, isn't there? When we choose to play an instrument, write a story, or whatever else we may choose to do, don't you think we get so much more out of it than if we were just fulfilling an assignment?


  1. Actually vacuuming is an important life skill so I'd put that right up there at the top of the curriculum! Or not. But still, I say yes to all of the above counting as schooling.

    I talked to someone recently who does unschooling and her day is totally unstructured. The children guide the learning and seem to make great learning choices. Fascinating!

  2. That is so true! Kids need time to think for themselves and entertain themselves. Too many kids are entertained by their parents and it's no surprise that they are the ones who get bored so quickly. We got rid of our tv when we moved to Germany and it's been almost 8 months, I don't think I've ever heard the phrase "I'm bored" come out of their mouth. Every morning when they wake up they run straight to the office/school room and start crafting. They come up with much more creative things than I ever could provide them with. And I think they learn so much more from their own interests and excitement than if they spent hours sitting at a desk.

  3. I agree totally! It really is all about the things we choose to do, isn't it? Real education shouldn't be something we get done and over with so we can do what we really want. Seems like the trick is in the environment. Glad you had a great Free Time moment!