Bearing Souls and Secrets

Want to know a secret? I'm human. Ok. It's no secret...but recently I've been feeling the depth of my human-ness. Trying to be the best wife and mother to FOUR kids, taking care of a large and beautiful home, and striving to be a devout follower of Jesus the Christ is a lot of work. It's work I wouldn't trade for anything, but it's still work.

My parents, who live out-of-state, stayed with us for three months (!). Many of you may think that sounds like a trial but it was truly Heaven-on-Earth for me. My dad finished our basement (Goodness, it's beautiful! Pictures to come!), and my mom hung out with me.

By "hanging out", I mean that she did every speck of my laundry, almost all the cooking, half of all the mothering, most of the get the picture. Better yet, she was such a wonderful companion. She never sits, that woman. She had four kids, too. I think four is the number when things get a bit busier, and you don't have time to just sit anymore.

Having her here took my need to blog away for a while. In the words of Little Women, we had each other for "the bearing of our souls and the telling of our most appalling secrets."

The truth is, women need each other. 

Of course, I need my husband, too. For many, many reasons and in many, many ways...but they are different from the reasons I need great women in my life. And that's a blog for another day.

Today, I'm missing my Mama. 

And all of you. 

My companions, to whom I bear my soul and tell my most appalling secrets.


  1. Yes, moms are great! I live far away from family but I had to call both my mom and mother-in-law for counsel and advice last weekend. I am so grateful they were there. Thanks for your post. I can certainly relate!

  2. Your mom really is such an angel, we will miss having her here in AZ. I am sure you loved all the time you got to spend with her!

  3. Emily, that is beautifully written about your mom. Being a mother has made me appreciate my mom so I much and I am truly thankful for the realization of how important she is to me.