Wedding Photos Galore.

After a whole lot of hanging false ceilings...

And tying bows on chairs...

And sewing clothes (that was my mom, not me)...

And a whole lot of kissing...

My amazing and beautiful little sister, Sarah, got married to the love of her forever, Matt. Yay!

It was a perfect day. Couldn't have been better. Now the happy newlyweds are home from Hawaii, and I wish them immense joy. I've been praying for years that she could be as happy in love as I have been. And I think she will be. I really do.

PS. 10 years ago today, my handsome Robby proposed to me. He promised to love me forever and make me laugh every day. He has kept his promises every step of the way. I love you, Bebe!!!


  1. YAY Sarah!!! Oh what a beautiful bride! I wish I could have been there. They look so happy.

  2. Wow, your little sisters dress is stunning! I think I want to get remarried to Brett now in that dress.:)

  3. it was great seeing you, Emily and your sweet family! you are right-it was the perfect day and it was wonderful to be able to share in matt and sarah's joy. hope i get to see you again before steven's wedding! lots of love!