Homemade Pillow Pets and Pocket Friends

 The kids found some leftover muslin in the cupboard and decided to make some stuffed animals.

Bubs made an alligator pillow pet by doing the following...

1. He drew an alligator with fabric markers and cut it out.

2. Placing right sides together, (with my help) he sewed the outside edges of the alligator together, leaving a few inches open for stuffing.

3. He turned it right-side-out and stuffed it with batting.

4. We sewed the opening closed.

5. We cut four pieces of ribbon to equal lengths and sewed one near each alligator leg.


Welly wanted to make a little Pocket Friend.

1. She drew and cut out her little cat.

2. We sewed the edges leaving an opening.

3. She stuffed it with batting.

4. I helped her close up the gap.

So fun. And much cheaper than the store-bought versions...not to mention, more personal.

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