New Schedule

So, I'd love to say that I haven't been blogging because I've just spent way less time on-line, but that would be a BIG lie. I've been on-line obsessively looking at houses.

We're looking to shorten Robby's commute and expand a bit. We made an offer on a Be-U-tiful house with a heavenly yard, but so did 13 other families...and we didn't win.  :(

I have read a few novels lately, but none of them fit the Deliciously Clean Reads bill, unfortunately.

So, I'm rambling.

We also made a new homeschool schedule that we are I thought I'd share...

This schedule doesn't have times. It's more of a routine than a schedule.

1. Wake up. (It's harder than it sounds.)
2. Personal Chores: get dressed, pick up room, brush teeth, comb hair
3. Breakfast and dishes.
4. Mini Lesson and Read-Aloud (We're done some fun stuff I'll be sharing. The Mini-lesson can be about anything I feel like teaching.)
5. Scripture Goals: Bubs and Welly both made goals to read the scriptures on their own every day this year. Yay for that!!!
6. Math. We're using the A Beka books. So far, so great!
7. Family Work: One load of laundry and Daily Work)
8. Free Time.
9. Lunch and Clean Up.
10. ROW to Know. (Read or Write to Know.)
11. Service.
12. Errands/Whatever else needs to be done.
13. Free time.
14. Dinner and Clean up.
15. Family Time. (Often wrestle-with-Daddy time.)
16. Family Scripture Study: Currently studying the New Testament.
17. Bedtime. (Almost always with bedtime stories and lullabies.)


  1. Wow, your crystals turned out way better than ours! You have to give me some tips.

  2. We probably just had a better kit. We used the Space Age Crystals kit. It's been crystal mania here...everything from salt crystals to alum to these ones in the kit.