Snow Fun: No fun?

My Bebe and I are still CA-ians at heart. This means we think snow is exciting and beautiful (until January when we are WAY done with it.)

The kiddos love the snow and usually insist that they don't even need coats. They apparently are NOT CA-ians. One of their favorite activities is to paint the snow with spray bottles of water and food coloring.

The other night, (you're about to see how CA-ian we are...) it was snowing and my Bebe had just put up the Christmas lights. We thought about how beautiful it must be out there, but we didn't think it was worth going out in the cold to see. So, this is what we did. We heated up the car in the garage and drove onto the street to admire our house. After a few minutes of Oooohs and Aaaahs, we drove back into the garage and went to bed.

Hope you are staying warm!

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