Secondhand Charm by Julie Berry

Oh! I just finished the best book. You know how I love romantic Young Adult fairy tales? Well, this one fit the bill perfectly.

Secondhand Charm by Julie Berry

Evie has always dreamed of following in her parents' footsteps and becoming a doctor. Unfortunately, in her small town, there aren't many opportunities for a girl.

When someone comes and reports that the young, handsome bachelor King is coming to their small town, everyone goes into an uproar, trying to make everything suitable.

The King, impressed by Evie, awards her entrance into the University. But that doesn't mean life will be easy. Bandits, stolen kisses, and theater performers make for a wild adventure. Oh, and one more thing, Evie finds out that she is a serpentina, who is bonded to a sea creature for life.

Like I said, I really enjoyed this fun story. I couldn't put it down. It's a quick, easy read, with unique twists and turns that kept me guessing.

Did you ever read Julie Berry's other book, The Amaranth Enchantment? I gushed over that one too, but I think this one is even better. See my interview with Julie Berry about The Amaranth Enchantment and the writing process here.


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