Easy Halloween Craft: Spiderweb

Bubs came up with this spider and spiderweb, adapting it from something he saw the nursery kids do. I think it would look really cool on a black plate.

1. Cut one inch slits around the edge of the plate and poke a pencil hole through the middle.
2. Tie a knot at the end of a long piece of white embroidery floss or yarn. Wrap it through a slit, then through the hole in the center. Move all around the circle until every slit is used. (In the nursery version of this project, the kids could make any pattern they wanted, and there wasn't a center hole.)
3. Tie a second piece of string in the back, and then wrap it around each of the previous strands in a spiral shape like shown.
4. Make a spider with construction paper and googly eyes.


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